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On January 2, 1964, after three years of active duty at sea with the U.S. Navy, Dr Foggia began a "General Practice" of medicine in Lake Grove several blocks North of the current clinic.

Five years later, in 1969, Dr Foggia purchased from Mr. Harry W. Olson the parcel of land, which today holds Bldg. #1, #2, and #3 of the current clinic structures. Mr Olson and his bride homesteaded the property some time after the turn of the century and built their home on what is now a parking lot for Bldg #4. The sale price for the initial piece of land was $10,000.00. This price was the mean value as presented by three real estate appraisers "working in the Lake Oswego area". Inaddition, the sale was conditioned by a "Right of First Refusal" in the event that adjacent property owned and occupied by Mr. Olson was ever to be sold by Mr. Olson or his heirs. Mr. Olson had no family heirs. His entire estate was willed to a neighbor lady that took care of his needs for many years after his second wife passed. This "Right of First Refusal" was exercised some eight years later by Dr Foggia when a local real estate broker found a buyer for the property. At the time, Mr. Olson´s health was failing and he had decided to vacate his home to live more comfortably in an apartment a few blocks away.

With the purchase of the "orchard property", Mr. Solso, then President of the Citizens Bank (currently across Boones Ferry Rd as the Bank of America), appraised the value of the "orchard property" at a minimum value of $100,000.00. Mr. Solso then loaned Dr Foggia $200,000.00 to commence development of the front one half Bldg #2. The architect for the project was Mr William Fletcher of Fletcher, Finch and Associates. Mr. Fletcher´s first rendering of a building on the floor plan submitted to him by Dr Foggia was accepted and is in existence today. In September of 1970, the Olson Memorial Clinic was inaugurated. Mr. Olson attended the inauguration. He lived another ten years and was able to proudly witness the subsequent development of bldg #1, the back one half of building #2, and the initial phase of building #3.

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